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Crosswalk signals to be installed on Manchester Road

The city of Ballwin and the Missouri Department of Transportation [MoDOT] have reached an agreement on the installation of crosswalk signals at the Manchester Road-Old Ballwin Road intersection.

Although the intersection is in Ballwin, Manchester Road is a state highway and any changes in traffic control devices and signage require MoDOT’s approval.

Under the agreement, MoDOT will provide the city with two sets of rectangular rapid flashing beacons and the city will be in charge of getting them installed under a MoDOT permit.

The devices include two signal posts – one for each side of the street – with each post having pedestrian crossing signs and two rapidly flashing beacons facing both directions of traffic.

Pedestrians wanting to cross Manchester Road can activate the signals.

Karen Yeomans, MoDOT area engineer, has advised Ballwin officials the signals usually are delivered about eight weeks after they are ordered. Installation should come quickly later this summer after the equipment is received.

MoDOT will be responsible for maintaining the signals after they are installed.

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Crosswalk across Manchester Road at Old Ballwin Road

 The crosswalk is the only one between the traffic-light-controlled Manchester intersections at Holloway Road and New Ballwin Road.

Although the intersection ranks well down the list of locations where traffic accidents most frequently occur in the city, two accidents have involved pedestrians attempting to cross Manchester. One of those occurred on a rainy night last year and the pedestrian – a young man – was killed when he was struck by a vehicle. 

In a more recent incident, a pedestrian suffered broken bones when he was hit but the injuries were not life threatening.

Ballwin police believe many motorists aren’t aware of the crosswalk. The flashing beacons are designed to be a highly visible reminder of the crossing and that pedestrians are using it.

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