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Letter to the Editor: Chesterfield installation lacked respect

I attended the June 17 Chesterfield City Council meeting and read the article in West Newsmagazine [“Chesterfield Council appointment, mayoral tie-breaker raises issues,” June 26]. Although I’ve attended many installations, including five of my own, I have never seen such a lack of courtesy and respect.

Council member Ben Keathley, a lawyer, questioned the candidate, Mary Monachella, who was there to be confirmed as the Ward 1 council member, about a lawsuit relative to her position as a trustee of her subdivision. Anyone who has served as a trustee knows this can be a thankless job, and the lawsuit had been dismissed. Was the intent to embarrass someone who has already given the city five years of volunteer service and is highly qualified? 

The discussion by council member Tom DeCampi, during his questioning, then veered into tax money as an incentive to encourage private development. He apparently opposes any such thing regardless of the situation. Some issues are not always black and white, and the incredible development and resulting tax income from Chesterfield Valley speaks for itself.  The development of Chesterfield Valley has brought an increase in taxes from development. Those funds benefit the Rockwood School District, other entities and the city of Chesterfield. The increase in utility taxes for Chesterfield along with sales tax money for our city, including a designated portion to our parks, justifies the incentive for development. I for one enjoy all the shops, restaurants, and activities for children as well.

Let’s hope future discussions return us to the good old days when city council meetings were all about doing the people’s business in a courteous and polite manner. I would also suggest that certain members of the city council respect the mayor’s appointment, stop grandstanding and bring back civility. They should drop the issue and move on.

Mary K. Brown

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