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Letter to the Editor: Is less best

At the June 24 Wildwood City Council meeting I had intended to discuss trimming the number of council members from 16 to eight. Since it was the last item on the agenda and the fact there had already been much rancorous debate earlier in the evening I sought to postpone discussion until the next council meeting. Unfortunately, a motion to postpone indefinitely, which effectively kills discussion by the council, passed by a wide margin.

It is obvious that reducing council size will not be discussed by the council any time soon. Though it may be brought up by referendum by Wildwood residents. 

The idea of reducing the size of the council is not new. Wildwood has, for a city of its size, a very lean staff and small city hall but an exceptionally large number of council members. 

The idea for such a large council was based on a desire for more representation for residents. Although greater representation is desirable, currently every resident has two council representatives. It would be a relatively simple matter to keep the same number of wards but reduce the number of council members by half.

For residents interested in the same representation with half the crazy, the reduction in council size may be a discussion that is just beginning.

Steve Taylor

Wildwood council member 

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