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Over 140 years of combined family service

Owners John and Mark Hutchens

When it comes to honoring the life of a loved one with funeral and cremation services, trusting a locally-owned-and-operated funeral provider has proven to be a high priority for St. Louis area families. Hutchens Funeral Homes, located in Florissant [Hutchens Mortuary] as well as the most recently added St. Charles County location [Hutchens-Stygar], have been owned and operated by the Hutchens family since 1955.

“What many people don’t realize is that several area funeral homes are actually corporate owned with headquarters out of state and even out of the country. During a family’s time of mourning, that personal touch and care is often lost from corporate-owned companies, as well as the flexibility to assist families who may be in financial need,” funeral director and co-owner Mark Hutchens said. “We feel that it’s extremely important that we’re family-owned-and-operated.”

Mark and his father, John Hutchens, were both born and raised in Florissant. While John still resides there, Mark now lives with his family in O’Fallon, Missouri. They are present every day, meeting with families, ensuring that the level of care is exactly as how they would care for their own family.

“I don’t have the pressure of answering to shareholders like the other area corporateowned funeral homes do,” Mark said. “We are only responsible to the families that entrust us to care for their loved one. They are our only priority, one family at a time.”

When selecting a funeral or cremation service provider, it’s important you know who owns and operates the firm, as well as their values. Hutchens values family.

“I think our motto speaks for itself,” Mark said. “Where you are treated like family, by family.”


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