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A paradise for pooches

Owner Nick Losciuto the at Dogtopia at Ellisville staff.

What is a dog’s favorite place? Probably somewhere with a lot of space to run, toys to play with, and lots of other canine and human friends to play with.

At Dogtopia in Ellisville, dogs can experience just that in a state-of-the-art, modern daycare and boarding facility that put the needs of ever pet first and foremost. 

In addition to a large and temperature-controlled playroom, the Ellisville facility also features a 1,000 square-foot outdoor space for dogs to run and play. Each room is equipped with its own air system to keep rooms smelling fresh. Rubberized flooring is used to put less stress on dogs’ joints. 

“It’s basically doggie heaven,” owner Nick Losciuto said. “All the dogs get to run around. They’re playing, they’re cuddling with other dogs on the cots, or they’re running around chasing balls or toys. They just have a great time.”

Rather than utilizing trainers, Dogtopia’s staff operate as professional behaviorists and canine coaches that help facilitate a welcome and safe environment for dogs looking to play and socialize. Canines of all ages are welcome, from seniors to puppies.

Dogtopia’s mobile app also allows owners to keep an eye on their furry babies via webcams that broadcast footage directly from Dogtopia’s playrooms. 

“People can see the webcams, and there are large windows in each room,” Losciuto said. “It’s very open and inviting.”

The goal is to offer transparency and peace of mind in an industry that traditionally offers almost none of that. To prove it, every dog’s first day at Dogtopia is completely complimentary. 

Call today to learn more!

15400 Manchester Rd. 

[about one mile east of Clarkson Rd.] 

Ellisville • (636) 283-2444


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