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Now open in Town & Country

Dave Zaegel, CPA, CFP®, president and co-founder

CWOs for Hire is a wealth and financial planning firm owned and operated by Dave Zaegel and Dennis Fry – two CPAs who understand how to incorporate tax planning and investments into comprehensive financial planning.

CWOs for Hire offers business planning, college planning, investment management, retirement planning and tax planning services.

“It’s a combination of expertise that you can’t find anywhere else,” Dave, who is president of the firm, said. “We do very well for clients’ investments, make sure there are no tax surprises, understand how to best take money in retirement, help business owners understand their financials and opportunities, and even identify ways for parents and students to reduce the cost of college.” Dave says clients appreciate that CWOs for Hire serves as a “one-stop shop” for all things finance.

CWOs for Hire provides investment management using a combination of low-cost index funds, ETFs, and individual stocks, bonds and options. That combination allows CWOs for Hire to personalize investment accounts to each client’s needs and goals.

As your CPA Wealth Officer, CWOs for Hire also prepares your annual tax return and provides continuous tax planning. “It is critical that the planning work and everything we do for investments be done with taxes in mind,” Dave said. “Otherwise, you risk missing massive opportunities to save money on taxes.”

CWOs for Hire is a fee-only, fiduciary planner and provides all services at an affordable monthly cost.

Call CWOs for Hire today and get set up with your own personal CPA Wealth Officer.

13492 Clayton Road • Town & Country

(314) 649-PLAN


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