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Letter to the Editor: Responding to ‘Spirit Airport noise’

In response to the letter regarding “Spirit Airport Noise,” I would like to point out to Mr. Viviano that Spirit Airport has been located in Chesterfield Valley [Gumbo Flats] for many years longer than any homes or condos in that area. People who bought homes in that area surely knew that an airport was located there. I find it difficult to find any sympathy for folks complaining about airport noise. Additionally, I certainly welcome the presence of U.S. Military planes and personnel in the area. God forbid that there will ever be an emergency situation in our area requiring military forces. I’m sure Mr. Viviano will agree that we all would welcome their “noise” should that ever occur. Mr. Viviano, your “quiet neighborhood” includes an airport. Embrace it or find a peaceful neighborhood in an area to your liking.

Mary Hahn

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