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Town & Country approves IT agreement with Chesterfield

The Town & Country Board of Aldermen passed an ordinance at its regular meeting on Aug. 12 that will form a partnership with the city of Chesterfield. Previously, the board directed City Administrator Bob Shelton to have an information technology [IT] audit conducted. The audit was performed by Anderson Technologies. Through that process, areas needing improvement were identified in IT system and management.

After consideration, it was determined that meaningful collaboration with other municipalities would result in better service; thus, the city is collaborating with Chesterfield, which will provide personnel to manage the IT service requirements of Town & Country and the city of Frontenac.

An agreement between Town & Country and Chesterfield was reached for professional information technology services in the amount of $55,000. The measure was passed by an affirmative vote by all aldermen, with Alderman Pamela Holman [Ward 1] absent.

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