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Purpose of the Second Amendment

In 1946, WWII veterans took back their town from corrupt politicians and sheriffs who were preventing fair elections by violating election laws and not allowing a count of the ballots witnessed by the public.

The veterans armed themselves and assaulted the jailhouse where the political scoundrels were hiding, waiting for the Tennessee National Guard to “save” them. The veterans prevailed, returned their weapons to the town armory after a thorough cleaning, and new town leadership was elected. The veterans were never charged for their righteous actions.

So, can government tyranny occur? You bet. Who needs a gun? Law-abiding citizens. Because people without morals don’t care what they do, or how they do it, to achieve their ends. Without weapons, tyranny would have prevailed in Athens, Tennessee. It happened then, it can happen anywhere, anytime – weaponizing the Internal Revenue Service, the FBI undermining the president of the United States and spying on political adversaries.

The Second Amendment was not about hunting for one’s dinner.

Jon Schulte

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