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Paying reparations

A few Democrat candidates actually support paying reparations to descendants of American slaves but most appear to be timid supporters afraid to oppose reparations out of fear of alienating loud liberals – showing about as much guts as Republicans afraid to oppose President Trump even when they find him and his actions repulsive.

Why don’t Democrat candidates, who know better, simply state the obvious? Most Americans, including me, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and probably you, cannot trace our American ancestry all the way back to the days of slavery, which ended in 1865. Millions came here as white, Asian, Latino, black, etc. immigrants during the late 1800s and throughout the 20th century. They had nothing to do with slavery. Neither did earlier blacks, native Americans, and the millions who were active abolitionists or served in the Union Armed Forces, which suffered horrendous casualties fighting the Confederate States of America’s support of slavery.

Tell the ghosts of Union soldiers who lost their lives or lost a limb or close friends, that more than 150 years after such suffering, their descendants would be forced to pay reparations to descendants of the slaves they freed, some of whom actually fought fiercely against them.

Reparations indeed. Why not give much of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas back to Mexico [What a wall we would need then!] or give Manhattan back to Indians whose ancestors got trinkets worth $24 for it?

Come on lefties get real – concentrate on things that matter – little things like “Dump Trump” and “Ditch Mitch,” fair taxes, universal health care and, most of all, an environment we can survive, i.e. one free of pollution, assault weapons, and billionaires and corporations who won’t pay their fair share, and certainly not their fair share of reparations.

Bill Howard

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