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Regarding Walter Williams

I read your article “The wisdom of Dr. Williams” and I want to thank you for choosing Dr. Williams as a follow up to Mr. Thomas Sowell. I have so much respect for both men and feel so blessed to have wonderful articles to read. I look forward to receiving your publication every month to read Dr. Williams’ articles.

Peggy Langdon

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I read your Aug. 7 editorial “The Wisdom of Dr. Williams” and was surprised to hear you actually get calls on why in the world you run his column.

I am a 65-year-old white male and I lean conservative, but Dr. Williams columns are so brilliant, balanced, fair and informative that I cannot think why in the world people can disagree with his thinking so much.

I always try to put myself into other people’s shoes, and I can see where there may be a little disagreement but to the degree where someone would be willing to call you is unbelievable. We have to lift people up and help them get better. However, with the allure of easy money by selling drugs – so permeated in some inner-city neighborhoods – you’re always going to have crime, etc. Stopping the harder drugs and the country’s insatiable demand for them is society’s impossible struggle. Our demand is doing great damage as never seen before. I believe a good solution is policies that create decent jobs for the poorest of us and lift people up. Also, helping to bring back the importance of the family unit, a mom and dad helping their children together, would even do more.

So I think Dr. Williams columns are brilliant and I would not read your newsmagazine if you did not have him. Balanced columns are what we need in this day and age. Thanks!

Ken Phelan

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