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Wildwood approves new Ward 4 City Council member

Getting consensus among the members of the Wildwood City Council has been a rarity of late. Such agreement has been even more difficult when it’s come to board and council appointments. But on Monday night, Sept. 9, the council unanimously approved the appointment of Joe Farmer as the new Ward 4 representative.

Farmer, who said he has lived in Wildwood since the early 1990s, replaces Steve Taylor who resigned late last month. Taylor’s family relocated outside the city limits instigating his council resignation. Farmer will serve out the remainder of Taylor’s term, which is set to expire in April of next year.

“Joe’s background is a good fit for the position,” Mayor Jim Bowlin said.

Joe Farmer is sworn in by Wildwood City Clerk Jessica Stirmlinger to serve as a new   Ward 4 Council Member on Sept. 9.
Joe Farmer is sworn in by Wildwood City Clerk Jessica Stirmlinger to serve as a new Ward 4 Council Member on Sept. 9.

Farmer is a vice president with Dielmann Sotherby’s International Realty in the Greater St. Louis area. He also has served as a subdivision trustee and is the current president of the Westglen Farm subdivision.

Westglen Farms is one of the largest subdivisions in Wildwood.

Several members of the public took to the podium to speak in favor of Farmer’s nomination. In addition, Farmer seemed to have impressed some of his new colleagues during short conversations prior to Monday’s meeting.

“I think [the] comment if I can quote you correctly, Joe, was: ‘We have a lot of green space in Wildwood. We don’t have to fill it up.’ That’s a good answer,” council member John Gragnani [Ward 1] said, referring to an earlier call he had with Farmer.

Gragnani emphasized that he was impressed that Farmer understood “why Wildwood was founded.”

For his part, Farmer wasn’t entirely surprised with his unanimous approval.

“I had a pretty good feeling [before the vote],” Farmer said. “I had some pretty good conversations with everybody so I was hoping it would go well … I’m excited to work with all these guys and move some things forward.”

Farmer prides himself on his ability to get others talking and in keeping lines of communications open. That was a familiar theme as well from the comments made by residents who spoke in his favor.

“I’m really looking forward to being a cohesive part of everything,” Farmer said. “Hopefully, working together with people and moving in the right direction.”

When asked if he would run for reelection when the partial term ends in approximately six months, Farmer said he hadn’t made his mind up yet.

After the vote, Farmer was sworn in, seated on the council and began serving immediately.

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