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3 Bay BBQ & Bakery: The perfect spot for lunch on the go or a proper ‘fill-up’

Drive by the intersection of Clayton at Woodsmill Road and you’ll likely smell smoke. The sweet smoke of barbecue wafting from the corner Phillips 66 Station, home to 3 Bay BBQ & Bakery, beckons one to pull off the road and fill up. 

The Pulled Pork Nachos at 3 Bay BBQ are a great starter to share or a meal by themselves.

To fill up on barbecue, step inside the front door and follow your nose or the signs pointing to a small hallway at the back of the building. A quick left will take you to the 3 Bay BBQ order counter. Check the menu board, order, pay and preceed through the back door into the service center – the pick-up counter and dining room sit where the station’s auto repair bays once operated. 

Keeping the service counter stocked are 3 Bay BBQ’s pitmasters, who tend the smokers and grills located under tents right outside the rolling glass bay doors. The grill area has doubled over the past two years to accommodate the expanding menu and clientele.  

“We have more tables, more menu items and have expanded our hours. We’re now open Tuesday through Friday until 7 p.m.,” 3 Bay BBQ & Bakery General Manager Sandy Rose said. “We’ve grown a lot over the past couple of years and so has the bakery.” 

Menu expansion on both the barbecue and bakery side are the results of the hard work and vision of 3 Bay BBQ & Bakery owners Rick and Carol Grosz, who continue to marvel at its success. 

“We’re working longer hours but they’re happier hours,” Rick said. “Carol is still doing the baking and has added more items to the bakery side. Besides her Gooey Butter Bars, brownies and cookies, she has a killer Pumpkin Crunch Cake. We even have a gluten-free brownie.”

The bakery expansion mirrors the barbecue side. Menu additions hitting big are paninis, nachos and charcoal grilled burgers – items that complement 3 Bay’s signature smoked pulled pork, chicken, ribs and brisket. 

“People really like the paninis and the GG Burger. That’s our homemade burger topped with our own cheese sauce, onion rings and barbecue sauce. People also love our nachos,” Rick said. 

Those nachos aren’t your usual variety of nacho. When 3 Bay makes nachos, they lose the tortilla chips. They build nachos on their house-made sweet or spicy potato chips – a hefty chip that holds up nicely under layers of cheese sauce, baked beans and smoked pulled pork or chicken. 

3 Bay BBQ’s nachos are finished with a drizzle of its custom barbecue sauce and a sprinkle of optional jalapeño. It’s a fiesta  of flavors! 

With such decadent delights, it’s no wonder 3 Bay’s smokers seldom go cold. Rick keeps them fired up using a custom mix of apple, cherry and hickory woods, a combo that creates a subtle smokiness. 

“We smoke all day,” Rick said. “The amount of time is different for each product. Pork butts smoke the longest, about 9 to 12 hours. Baby back ribs smoke for about 7 hours.” 

To add variety to the menu, 3 Bay serves up dogs, brats and pork steaks. Of course, there also are standout specialties like the Boneless Baby Back Rib Sandwich or the Humping Pig, a burger topped with smoked pulled pork, which gets VIP treatment when it’s ordered to go. Each take-out sandwich component is wrapped separately. No soggy sandwich or nachos here – a nice touch few places take the time to do.

“We do a lot of take out,” Rick said. “People call in an order or just stop by to pick it up.  Customers also call Uber Eats, Grubhub or DoorDash.”

3 Bay BBQ & Bakery
14195 Clayton Road • Town & Country • (636) 227-1208 •
Hours: 10:30 a.m.-7 p.m., Tuesday-Friday 

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