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The secret to a well-lived life

The Silent Generation. The Baby Boom Generation. Babies born from 1925 to 1964 grew into adults that formed two of the most powerful generations in the U.S. These men and women continue to shape our ethos. To what do they owe their ongoing ability to affect and reflect change? The answer to that question might not look like the holy grail or a fountain of youth because it’s so simple: They keep moving.

As it turns out, advancing age doesn’t necessarily prevent activity.

Instead, activity can help everyone stay healthier—and feel younger—all while still aging. That truth has empowered hundreds of thousands of people who might or might not call themselves senior citizens to remain relevant and vital. Staying active doesn’t require every-other-day trips to the gym or many miles logged in a pair of running shoes or on the seat of a bike.

At The Gatesworth—a residential community in St. Louis designed for older adults—Baby Boomers and beyond reap health benefits from the workout room and straddling yoga mats. According to health and wellness researchers, a daily 20-minute walk at a moderate pace can provide benefits for the brain and the heart, and also provides other benefits including increased strength and balance, overall mood improvement and help with keeping depression at bay.

As a community, The Gatesworth was designed and built to offer older adults an exceptional living experience that ensures that one of the mantras of the generations it serves–keep moving–would be woven into the fabric of daily life.

According to Carrie Montrey, executive director of The Gatesworth, it’s relatively easy to stay active in the right environment. “We want our community to inspire a vibrant, active lifestyle,” she said.

In addition to the lives they led in the greater community, people who choose to live at The Gatesworth can walk garden paths or tend flowers in the greenhouse. They can also practice putting, play billiards, paint a portrait or landscape and even roll out that yoga mat, all without leaving home.

“There is always something going on here,” Montrey said. “The people who live here are fascinating, always engaged and involved. We’re happy to offer the kinds of classes and events that help them savor what they love most about life.”

The fitness center at The Gatesworth helps to meet that goal, as does the heated, indoor salt-water pool. The community’s fitness classes, including tai chi and water exercise, are led by instructors and personal trainers who can also create customized fitness plans to meet individual needs.

Much of what researchers have learned about the relationship between an active life and a healthy one speaks to the importance of an active mind. The Gatesworth promotes that kind of wellness, too, with a lecture and discussion series that features experts from a wide range of fields, including history, politics, literature, foreign language and the arts, among others. Members of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra and other musical organizations also appear for community performances.

Residents can engage in as much or as little as they want. The choice is always theirs. The on-site spa offers a full complement of essentials and extras and three onsite restaurants cater to both casual and fine-dining needs.

“It’s all part of the exceptional service we’re known for,” Montrey said. “The Gatesworth offers an extraordinary way to live an active life.”

Leasing counselors are available for specific questions about The Gatesworth or general guidance regarding senior living. Visit TheGatesworth.com or call (314) 993-0111.

One McKnight Place • St. Louis • 314.993.0111 • www.TheGatesworth.com

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