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Your Last House

Downsizing can be an exciting experience, but the moving process can be exhausting without help. For assistance in cleaning, moving and overall guidance for downsizing, Your Last House is ready to help you find the path.

A few years ago, Michael “Ollie” Oliver’s parents decided it was time to downsize but learned quickly the process was overwhelming.

“There were people we could hire to sell the house, different people we could hire to sell, donate, throw away and even different people we could hire to repair, clean, and prep their house,” Michael said. “There seemed to be plenty of people we could hire but no real plan for when, where and how.”

From that experience, Your Last House was born. Michael and his staff can assist in evaluating a house, developing a sales strategy, cleaning the house, packing items, setting up storage and selling a home. Your Last House can even help clients find their next home and will work hands-on with heirs, lawyers and financial planners on handling properties. Call today for a free home consultation meeting!

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