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Schrupp Senior Services

Randy Schrupp, Owner

Randy Schrupp with Schrupp Senior Services began representing Medicare plans in late 2007; since then, he has enrolled over 900 senior clients. In an effort to provide unbiased guidance in choosing the best Medicare plan for each individual, Randy became a broker in 2014, representing multiple plans and companies. Randy also represents multiple companies for Long Term Care insurance.

Randy provides advice and council to clients on other issues regarding health and aging. Recently, Randy teamed up with the Mid-County Senior Resource Team, a network of vetted, caring professionals, who help seniors age in place, maintain their financial stability, and better navigate the stages of aging.

Each month, Schrupp Senior Services meets with 30 other senior service professionals and, together, they network to find solutions for their clients. Those services include transportation and companion services; obtaining medical and custodial care at home; finding elder law services for wills and trusts; home modifications and handyman services; downsizing and moving; finding an appropriate senior care facility; and updating, listing and selling your home. Contact Randy and connect to this valuable network as needs arise.

226 Oak Park Village Drive • Wildwood • 314.496.0140 • randy_schrupp@msn.com

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