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Manchester establishes Veterans Commission

An ordinance passed at the Sept. 16 Manchester Board of Aldermen meeting establishes the creation of a Veterans Commission within the city.

In establishing the commission, the city noted its appreciation of the efforts of the Walter Le Pere American Legion Post 208, the Greater St. Louis Honor Flights, The Kaufmann Fund and all veteran organizations that offer physical, mental, financial and social support to veterans and their families.

The city noted that it is especially proud of its Veterans Memorial at the Margaret Stoecker Park and expressed its desire to identify and promote additional ways to honor and help area veterans and plan appropriate events throughout the year.

Some of the highlights of the commission responsibilities include:

  • The commission shall consist of 11 voting members, nine volunteer members, a Board of Alderman ex-officio representative and the mayor. Of the volunteer members, at least five shall be veterans or spouses of veterans, one shall be designation from Legion Post 208 and six shall be city residents. All members will be appointed by the mayor and approved by the board.
  • Terms for the initial volunteer member appointments shall be staggered with three members initially appointed for a term of one year, ending in 2020; three members initially appointed for a term of two years, ending in 2021; and three members initially appointed to a full three-year term ending in 2020. Thereafter, terms for volunteer members shall be for three-year terms. No volunteer may serve for more than three terms, for a total of nine years, with the exception of the initial members who may serve nine years, plus their appointment term.

The purpose and duties of the Veteran Commission is to plan and coordinate veteran programs with support from city departments. The commission shall ensure the needs of the local veterans are identifiable and a top community priority, with emphasis on connecting them with known resources.

The Veterans Memorial in Manchester
The Veterans Memorial in Manchester
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