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Rockwood STEM coordinator receives technology certification

Brian Reed, Rockwood School District coordinator STEM and digital learning K-12, recently joined the ranks of the approximately 300 teachers worldwide to earn certification from the International Society for Technology in Education [ISTE].

ISTE Standards for Educators define the skills and mindset needed to transform teaching and learning practices in technology. They are broken up into seven categories, all of which describe ways in which educators can use technology to enhance educational offerings regardless of content area or grade level. ISTE also has a set of seven standards for students.

Reed’s ISTE certification process involved two days of in-person training and eight weeks of intensive online coursework. After that, he had six months to complete a portfolio filled with examples of how he is fulfilling the ISTE standards in his educational practice. Now that he’s certified, he has also taken on a new role as an ISTE certification trainer for the Midwest Education Technology Community.

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