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Fine arts integration comes to Rockwood

Beverly Evans is bringing performing arts to her Ballwin Elementary classroom to help her first-grade class invest and engage in the subject matter through movement and voice. Art teacher Julie Glossenger is using her time with her Chesterfield Elementary students to see art through the lenses of social justice and science.

Both are part of the 2019 Rockwood School District fine arts integration cohort, which seeks to incorporate the arts into the core curriculum in ways that enhance and augment the students’ learning. This year, 29 teachers from Babler, Ballwin, Chesterfield and Kellison elementaries and Rockwood Valley Middle are participating.

“It’s a different way of teaching,” Evans said. “Kids are learning and not really noticing it because, when you’re talking to one another or facilitating activities where it’s more hands-on, you’re getting into how they interact versus just paper-and-pencil information.”

All participating teachers completed summer training with the Center of Creative Arts in St. Louis and will continue to meet regularly throughout the school year to discuss ideas and activities that can be further implemented across the district.

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