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Letters to the Editor: Replying to ‘Trump and the Second Amendment’

I appreciate the perspectives Mr. Wally Balden offered in his opinion, “Regarding President Trump and the Second Amendment” on Sept. 25. Generally, I agree with his points, but I felt his perspective on the Second Amendment missed a mark.

I think most can agree, no one needs a fast car that runs on 500 horsepower. No one needs a quarter-pounder with cheese, and no one needs more than a couple pairs of shoes. However, no one is using a fancy and expensive sports car to commit murder, nor is anyone eliminating their hit-list targets by feeding them mass amounts of quarter-pounders to watch them die a slow death by heart attack. These seem like fairly ineffective tactics for killing a lot of people at once all to satisfy some sad or hateful motivation.

I don’t worry about my children at school because they might eat something today that’s a little unhealthy, or that the depressed student in their classroom owns too many shoes. I’m not worried about the fast sports car parked in the parking lot when I attend a large event. I’m worried about the mentally ill individual who gained access to semi-automatic rifles and bump stocks because those are the weapons of choice for these crimes. They’re efficient and effective.

My husband and I own guns and have a few in our home. We enjoy going to the range every now and again. My father-in-law is former military and talks about how fun it was to shoot a weapon of that nature. But we all agree, when something can be weaponized by anybody to cause mass murder, it shouldn’t be readily accessible to civilians at all, or at the very least, without severe restrictions. 

If the argument is based on need and where we draw the line, this seems a pretty reasonable place to draw the line. But I think this conversation is less about semantics and more about what’s in the best interest of a greater population.

Julie Nguyen

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In the Sept. 25 Letters to the Editor, Mr. Balden writes: “I am always entertained by the responses by the left regarding President Trump’s election and the Second Amendment.”

I’m not sure why you find discussions regarding the right to bear arms “entertaining.” I find them disturbing, heartbreaking and infuriating. I don’t think there’s anything funny about children being gunned down. I don’t find it amusing to encounter a guy dressed in tactical gear, toting an AR-15 in Walmart. 

I didn’t enjoy the panicked phone call I received from my child who was running for her life at a high school football game because of a report of shots fired. I don’t find any of this entertaining at all, Mr. Balden.

Our country is facing many serious challenges, none of which are amusing or entertaining to the people brave enough to face them head-on. Your amusement, is another family’s tragedy, and to couch a discussion about the Second Amendment in such terms is, frankly, unconscionable.

Melinda Maxson

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