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Fall play scheduled for Rockwood Valley

A group of students meet for the fall play.
A group of students meet for the fall play.

Drama and speech teacher Gabe Cervantes has made an impact on the students at Rockwood Valley Middle. 

Before Cervantes arrived at the school three years ago, the school could expect little more than 20 students auditioning for one of its theatrical productions. This year’s fall production, “Once Upon a Tower,” counts 94 among its cast and crew. That’s about one out of every eight students at Rockwood Valley. 

“Once Upon a Tower” had a big cast list to begin with, but Cervantes and social studies teacher Cheryl Mueller, who also serves as assistant director, had to get creative with casting in order to include everyone who wanted to participate. “There are a lot of trees and stuff,” said eighth-grader Joshua Lanzotti. “A lot of trees.”

In addition to the 60 on stage parts – trees and otherwise – there are 34 more students working behind the scenes.

Opening Knight Productions will perform “Once Upon a Tower” at 7 p.m. on Nov. 21-22 at Rockwood Valley Elementary, 1220 Babler Park Drive in Wildwood. Admission to the play is free; however, donations to offset the cost of production will be accepted.

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