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Letter to the Editor: On the topic of ‘nurse practitioners’

I am writing to respond to Dr. Katherine Shiue’s letter to the editor published on Sept. 25 and regarding her concerns about urgent care facilities. 

While she accurately notes antibiotics are often over-prescribed in urgent care centers, I take exception to her implication that nurse practitioners provide inadequate care based on duration of education. Studies have demonstrated that nurse practitioners provide safe, high quality, appropriate care with outcomes that are comparable to that of physicians. 

As an experienced nurse practitioner, I take pride in providing excellent care to my patients, as do my colleague family nurse practitioners in urgent care settings. Demands by physicians that they be the only provider to care for patients provides a barrier to care and creates unsubstantiated concerns for patients served by nurse practitioner. And yes, do get your flu shot!

Holly Mathis, MSN, RN, ANP-BC

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