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Editorial: Random Thoughts

As an homage to our friend Thomas Sowell, we offer the following random thoughts on the passing scene:

Last week while in China, the general manager of an NBA team shared an image on social media that was supportive of Hong Kong demonstrators. China responded by doing what China does – threatening the league’s revenue. The NBA responded by doing what the NBA does – tripping all over itself to keep the revenue. People seemed shocked and appalled by the behavior on both sides. Our advice? Don’t lose your mind when a dog barks or a duck quacks. It’s just what they do.

In a semi-related note, Colin Kaepernick’s agent sent a letter to every NFL team spelling out the many reasons Kaepernick should still be playing in the NFL. Huh? Kaepernick has not played in three years, sued the league, settled the case and now wants to come back. To continue the canine analogy from the last thread, if you repeatedly bite the hand that feeds you, you are going to wind up hungry one day.

In happier sports news, let us take a minute and consider what an amazing year 2019 has been for the St. Louis area. The Blues finally win a Stanley Cup, we get awarded a soccer franchise and a football team, and now the Cardinals make a run in the playoffs. That’s enough to make Mike Shildt curse out loud.

That turns our thoughts to Chris Duncan, who passed earlier this year. The joy he would have felt and shared during these amazing last few months in St. Louis sports, and the joy we would have had listening to him. We miss you, Dunc.

Jack Flaherty is super cool and Paul Goldschmidt is super professional, but is it possible Kolton Wong’s super intense energy is what made the biggest difference for this year’s Redbirds?

On the political front … oh gosh, never mind. Too much.

Happy birthday to the Magic House. We were shocked to see that the hair-raising area landmark celebrated 40 years in business this past weekend.

It is sad that movie theater operator Marcus Theatres had to implement a policy limiting the size of bag patrons can carry inside. Sad, but understandable from a safety standpoint. That said, we were properly amused that when noting an exception for diaper bags, the company clarified that children must actually be present in order for the exception to be valid. How many Mike and Ike’s can fit into a diaper bag? We bet somebody out there knows.

Has anybody ever consumed a Mike and Ike outside of a movie theater?

Have you heard of Modern Monetary Theory, or MMT? It is a macroeconomic theory that argues, essentially, for a government to simply print any money it needs in order to buy the things it wants – such as full employment – with no regard for debt. It sounds a little bit loony, and a lot radical, yet it is gaining some momentum as a serious consideration in certain parts of the world. Parents have known about this theory for generations, but we call it “letting a teenager set their own budget.” To date, it has not been successful.

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