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Composting program coming to Manchester

Backyard composting is coming to the city of Manchester.

On Sept. 3, a resolution unanimously passed at the regular Manchester Board of Aldermen meeting accepting a 2019 Waste Reduction Grant from the Saint Louis County Department of Public Health. The city was approved for $16,697.50 that will go toward the promotion of backyard composting.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency [EPA], even when all actions have been taken to use your wasted food, certain inedible parts will still remain and can be turned into compost to feed and nourish the soil. Like yard waste, food waste scraps also can be composted. An estimated 24% of our waste is compostable.

Kitchen scraps can be turned into soil through composting. [Pixabay image]

In early March 2020, Manchester residents will be able to purchase The Earth Machine Composting Kit at a discounted price of $20 through an online store. The typical price of $150 or more is being offset by grant funds. The kit comes with a composter, compost turner, education tool and kitchen pail. 

Prior to the start of sales, the city’s Parks, Recreation, and Arts Department will hold a free “Composting 101” class to educate the Manchester community on the benefits of diverting compostable waste from the landfill. The class will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 22 at the Paul A. Schroeder Park administration building. It will be facilitated by an expert from the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Center for Home Gardening.  Attendees will have the opportunity to purchase a composting kit through a presale. All purchased composters will be available for pick up in tandem with the Arbor Day celebration in April.

To register, or for more information, visit the city’s website at

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