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Chesterfield approves new staff, turf updates in 2020 budget


After a public hearing and presentation on Nov. 18, the Chesterfield City Council unanimously approved the proposed city budget for the 2020 fiscal year. 

The city’s Finance and Administration Committee, chaired by councilmember Michael Moore [Ward 3], unanimously recommended approval of the proposed 2020 budget at its Oct. 29 meeting after discussion and amendments were made at three different workshop sessions. 

With a revenue total of $40.05 million and expenditures of about $38.43 million, that leaves about $1.67 million net revenues over expenditures, according to City Administrator Mike Geisel.

The budget includes a merit pool of 2.5% of employee actual compensation and funding for two new employees – a code enforcement inspector in public safety and a facilities attendant in the parks department. Also included is an IT technician associated with the city’s IT Services contracts with the municipalities of Frontenac and Town & Country.

The budget also accounted for synthetic turf for four infields at the Chesterfield Valley Athletic Complex at an estimated cost of $830,000, with $415,000 each coming from the general fund and parks fund reserves. The Chesterfield Baseball & Softball Association [CBSA] will reimburse the city $350,000 over a three-year period, Geisel said.

According to a memorandum dated Oct. 31 to Geisel from Director of Parks, Recreation & Arts Tom McCarthy, the goal of the partnership with CBSA would be to help the athletic complex remain a top contender in the region for tournament play for both baseball and softball leagues. In 2019, rainouts with the old turf resulted in the loss of nine weekends and an estimated $95,000 in revenue. The goal in replacing the turf would be to host more tournaments and replace the turfed infields in about 10 years while still seeing about $1 million in estimated revenue during that time span.

An amendment also was added to the budget proposal to remove funding for a piece of equipment, a replacement pool vehicle, requested by the Public Works Department. Councilmember Barbara McGuinness [Ward 1] requested that it be removed from the budget as it only had 88,000 miles on it. The vote to remove this item from the budget was 4-3 in favor.

The 2020 budget then passed unanimously.  

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