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Ellisville officer recognized for crisis mitigation

Corporal Ryan Schneider with his 2019 Outstanding CIT Officer Award [Photo provided by the Ellisville Police Department]

On Nov. 13, Corporal Ryan Schneider with the Ellisville Police Department was recognized by the St. Louis Area Crisis Intervention Team [CIT] Coordinating Council as a 2019 Outstanding CIT Officer. Schneider was nominated for the award for his efforts in helping a citizen suffering from a dangerous mental health crisis.

Over the course of three weeks, the Ellisville Police Department logged 10 calls from an individual who expressed fears that neighbors were talking behind his back, spying on him or conspiring to shoot him. The individual had even shut off the main power to his apartment and wanted to confront his neighbors with police assistance.

The man had suffered from a head injury in the past, took several prescriptions and had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Upon recognizing the crisis, Schneider helped the individual connect to professional behavioral health response resources and did follow-up visits to check on the resident’s mental health afterward. 

Each year, multiple officers from various municipalities are recognized as outstanding CIT officers. The mission of the St. Louis Area Crisis Intervention Team is to deliver positive law enforcement crisis intervention service to people with mental illness in the St. Louis area by providing cooperative community partnerships between law enforcement agencies, mental health service providers, consumers, families, and advocates.

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