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Letter to the Editor: Regarding Walter Williams

Walter E. Williams’ intellectual gymnastics are impressive. In his last article “U.S. in moral decline” [Nov. 6], Mr. Williams claims the mantle of victimhood for the most privileged and powerful in America. See, since the rich may not want to pay taxes, the fact that they have to do so basically means that they are slaves.

This ridiculous conclusion presumes the rich A) have no obligation to contribute to society beyond their own whims and B) the rich don’t benefit from government spending.  Of course, the rich benefit the most from indirect [interstates only benefit people who own cars] and direct [bank bailouts] government largesse. For Mr. Williams, routine government taxing and spending is a show of moral decline.  

Mr. Williams also lavishes praise on Attorney General William Barr’s speech claiming moral decline is caused by people advocating for constitutionally mandated separation of church and state. Quite frankly, anyone looking to the Trump administration for moral guidance should have their head examined.  Even a dedicated Trumpist is likely to squirm if asked to present the President as an example of moral character to children.

As I have said before, Mr. Williams is a bad faith actor who should not be given a platform.

J.A. Faust

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