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Manchester adds street to its footprint

The city of Manchester increased its footprint at the regular Board of Aldermen meeting on Dec. 2.  By unanimous vote, with Board President Marilyn Ottenad [Ward 2] presiding in Mayor Mike Clements’ absence, Hanna Court was welcomed into the city limits.

The Morningside Condominium plat contained Hanna Court as a private street maintained by the condominium’s board of directors. The city, through its subdivision regulations in the city’s ordinances, discourages private streets; however, it does empower trustees to later dedicate such common space to the city of Manchester for public use and maintenance if approved by the board of aldermen.

Having brought Hanna Court into compliance with the city’s minimum standards, the board of directors sought to convey and dedicate its street to the city. The ordnance that accepted the right-of-way and Hanna Court as a public street was sought by emergency legislation. Director of Public Works Bob Ruck explained that it was imperative to add Hanna Court into city limits as soon as possible so the condominium board did not need to renew its private snow removal contract.

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