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Letters to the Editor: Regarding Walter Williams

Thank you for sharing all opinions in your editorial column. I savor Dr. Williams’ cogent articles every issue [and Dr. Sowell before him]. 

I regret I was unable to attend Dr. Williams’ event at Lindenwood earlier this year. I especially enjoy reading the letters from progressives that criticize Dr. Williams’ column. J.A. Faust takes the progressive histrionics award for recommending Dr. Williams be de-platformed [West Newsmagazine, Nov. 27]. In other words, because Faust does not like Dr. Williams’ opinions, Faust wants him silenced. No First Amendment allowed here. 

Faust raises some of the usual progressive arguments. Faust’s rambling letter notes that “the rich may not want to pay taxes”… And, the “interstates only benefit people who have cars.” Faust apparently believes that taxation is a voluntary measure. Try not paying your taxes. Faust further incorrectly believes that the interstate highway system that delivers goods and services to his doorstep via Amazon, FedEx and the United States Postal Service does not benefit all citizens. Ignorance is bad but progressive ignorance is dangerous. 

Thank you, West Newsmagazine, for highlighting the issues important to all of us and giving all of us space to exercise our First Amendment right.

W. J. Edwards

• • • 

I often wonder as I read Walter Williams’s columns if he bothers to fact check them. The simplest of searches on his recent article “Scientists: Dishonest or Afraid?” [Nov. 27], would have revealed a plethora of information that shows several of his claims are inaccurate or misleading.

By using temperature data from a single town in Ohio, he is cherry picking data to try and prove a nonexistent point. Temperatures rise and fall all over the world, it’s not until we take and map all the data that we can see trends. The trends we are seeing are temperatures as a whole are continuing to warm in summer months and winter months are seeing warmer temps as well. Again, when looking at the big picture and not a single town.

The quote he attributes to IPCC’s Ottmar Edenhofer is also a known misquote, which again a simple search would have shown him. It is taken from an interview in German by Edenhofer, and when translated from German no where can we see the quote that is attributed to him.

As for the rest of the article, to be honest, I stopped checking it. Mr. Williams clearly wants to show a bias in his article and no amount of fact checking would have changed that. We need to stop debating the climate crisis we are in, when more that 97% of the scientific community agrees with a finding and they stop arguing the point. It’s time for the rest of us to stop as well. It’s fact, not made up fiction for economic gain or the redistribution of wealth. If you want to call it into question then do it like any scientist would and provide testable data to the contrary and present it for peer review. Williams has used the selective ramblings of one man, Tony Heller, which can be debunked rather easily with a little research.

I worry that we as a country will not take climate change seriously until we see the first groups of our citizens displaced through its effects, which can still be mitigated if we act now. Williams needs to stop the scare tactics of this and other recent articles and realize that the only way we can move forward is acting together in the best interest of the people and not some political agenda of one side versus the other side.

M. Inman

• • •

Kudos to you, Mr. Williams, for citing the truth and using statistics to support it. Sadly, however, I do not believe that a large percentage of people are open to hearing it. 

Our country is so dangerously divided and closed minded to hearing the facts to this issue as well as many other important issues. 

I am writing to you as I support you in your views [mostly] and hope this would be encouraging as I feel you must receive a lot of negative feedback for speaking your mind.

Carolynn James

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