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Tops in poetry contest

Bahr, Rossman School
Bahr, Rossman School

Rossman School student Caroline Bahr recently proved herself prose worthy by winning first place in her division of The American Library of Poetry Contest. Bahr entered her poem last year upon the encouragement of fifth-grade writing teacher Annie Menees.

“Caroline has a great love of the outdoors, so it isn’t surprising that she wrote a poem about nature,” Menees said. “She has a real knack for describing her interesting ideas in very few, well-chosen words, making her a natural poet!”

The America Library of Poetry is dedicated to the expression of creativity through writing. Students across the country can share poetry and short stories through the forum. The America Library of Poetry sponsors writing contests throughout the U.S. each year.

Bahr was one of 25 awardees from grade three through 12 submissions.

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