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Letter to the Editor: A smile can be a gift

I just returned home from “ringing the bell.” Sometimes, when I put on that red Salvation Army apron, I feel like I am putting on a big sign that says, “I have the plague.” It is amusing to see people put their heads down or walk a few extra steps out of their way to avoid “the bell ringer.”

We, the bell ringers, realize that not everyone can give, for a myriad of reasons but a nod, a smile or a hello is always appreciated. It’s frequently a cold, maybe damp day and keeping warm can be a problem but it warms our heart when we’re acknowledged.

So the next year, when you encounter one of us, put a smile on your face; that alone can be a gift!

On the plus side, one kind lady gave me a hot chocolate and a hug! That was “warming” in more ways than one! And thanks to those trusting people who put their donation in “the hat,” since Salvation Army was late getting the kettle delivered.

Joan Tichacek

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