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Letter to the Editor: We live in turbulent times

Imagine how baffled Americans would have been if, after bombing Pearl Harbor, the Japanese had accused this country of aggression. That’s sort of the reaction I had reading Sara Sullivan’s histrionic attack of people of faith and blaming them for declining morality [“Regarding Walter Williams,” Letters to the Editor, Dec. 4]. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

Oh, snippets of truth seasoned her denunciation of those religious. Silent believers have allowed society to decay. They have ignored the biblical mandate to be salt and light. The withdrawal of pastors, rabbis and priests from the public square remains mystifying. 

Could I be wrong? Wait a week and see. If this newsmagazine receives scores of letters from local clergy, defending actions of its congregations, then I’ve missed the mark. With an unseemly reference to gambling I’d bet you a buck the editor won’t be swamped with responses.

Back to Sullivan: To give unbelievers a total pass for the deteriorating condition of our nation is akin to saying the streets of London were never unsafe because of Jack the Ripper. Accountability sometimes cannot be camouflaged.

Here is the real issue: Who establishes the plumb line? How is morality determined? Do the robed elders at One First Street Northeast set standards of right and wrong? Or does a higher authority govern us?

If in your view presidentially chosen contemporaries can define righteousness and set at their discretion our ethical code, then you may not shudder at the thought of babies killed in the womb or troubled by the defiance of biblical marriage.

Fortunately, Sara, a remnant still believes some laws are eternal. Those who look upward for guidance should feel compassion for anyone mistreated or buffeted by turbulent times. Instead of criticizing or persecuting any element of society, we should lend a helping hand. We live in a satanic age. All are inundated by the same tsunami. Believers should be first to throw out a lifeline.

Norman Baxter

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