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Mastering bilingual literacy

Fontana, Visitation Academy
Fontana, Visitation Academy

Visitation Academy senior Rose Fontana was awarded the Missouri Seal of Biliteracy from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education [DESE]. This award is given to graduating high school students in districts with a DESE-approved program who have demonstrated achievement in English, a language other than English, and sociocultural competence.

“She took the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language [ACTFL] Assessment of Performance toward Proficiency in Languages, which took about four hours to complete and included listening, writing, speaking, and reading sections,” Jessica King, Fontana’s AP Spanish teacher and the department chair for modern and classical languages, said. “Rose [Fontana] received a high-performance score in each individual portion of the exam.”

To qualify for the Missouri Seal of Biliteracy, applicants must take a standardized Spanish examination and earn a certain rating in every category, as well as demonstrate proficiency in the English language through English II EOC, ACT, SAT, or ACCESS for ELs scores and complete an internship, community service, study abroad program, or project to gain sociocultural competence.

Since Visitation completed the process to make the Seal of Biliteracy program available to its students in 2018, Fontana is the third senior to receive this award.

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