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Letter to the Editor: Talking about the deficit

I’m one of few concerned about our growing deficit. 

Some say, “We’ll address it later. Now isn’t the time.” Congress doesn’t talk about it. And most taxpayers are silent. 

Yes, we have other big fish to fry. However, at some point those fish won’t get fried. No oil in the pan and maybe no pan to fry in either. 

Why can’t we at least discuss the crisis? Keep it in the forefront. But no, we won’t do that because we have few leaders in Congress. Kick the can down the road. The collapse won’t come in their lifetime, our congressmen and women think … if they even think at all!

Milton Friedman convinced me the free stuff won’t last forever. I read that a federal judge has ruled the taxpayer-funded Medicaid program must cover transgender surgery in Wisconsin. What’s next? 

True, it’s easy to spend others’ money. Members of congress dole out the bread. That gets them re-elected. And many get more free stuff themselves. They probably grin as they line their own pockets.

I’m a dinosaur and happy to be one. Well, really a constitutional conservative. 

I doubt my representative will initiate a spending reduction. I know because I’ve never seen any action from her in this regard. The proof is in the pudding.

Kathy Teutenberg

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