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Manchester approves sale of police vehicle

Manchester Police is seeking to sell its incident response vehicle, which was purchased in 2017. [Manchester Police Department photo]

In April 2017, the Manchester Police Department acquired a custom 2017 incident response vehicle for $73,514. Additionally, the city’s Board of Aldermen at that time approved combined additional funding of $1,395 to Wireless USA of Maryland Heights and Adgraphix of Brentwood for the installation of radio equipment and decals for the new vehicle.

At the regular Board of Aldermen meeting on Jan. 20, Police Chief Scott Will sought approval from the board for the sale of the vehicle. Because this type of vehicle acts as a mobile police station and is used in a natural disaster or large-scale public emergencies, it only has been used for public viewing at the “Tons of Trucks” event. It has accumulated 900 miles, which includes delivery mileage.

Will indicated that if a situation arose that required an incident response vehicle, there are other area police departments that can assist.

He explained that the vehicle will continue to depreciate and it is in the department’s best interest to sell it on Proceeds from its sale would return to the asset forfeiture fund and be used to purchase load-bearing vests for the department.

The vests would take the pressure off the duty belts worn by officers, which has been known to contribute to lower back issues. The vests have been tested by a few individuals and Will said the feedback he received was favorable.

The aldermen unanimously agreed to the sale. Will does not know how much the vehicle might sell for at this time.

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