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Letter to the Editor: Titles of nobility

Article 1 section 10 of the United States Constitution articulates, “No state shall … grant any title of nobility.” 

I am aware that many citizens [and media] so revere elected officials and the titles of current and former office holders as to treat them as royalty. Some would have it be that politicians are those whom “my daughters can look up to” as if the office confers special privilege, status, or benevolence above the electorate. Their actions are treated as altruistic and offices are elevated as to be deserving of the utmost and unquestioned respect. 

Reality is somewhat different than those rose-colored delusions. The business of protecting and defending the rights of the people by most elected officials are subjugated by the business of self and party. 

Our founders would have been disappointed decades ago. I would hazard to say they would be sickened by our government and society today. Politicization of nearly all aspects of our present society was not the design or goal of our republic. 

While we have current elected officials who need to be reminded that they are public servants, we have many past public servants who need to be reminded they no longer hold office and need to return to the business of being a private citizen. The title of their former office no longer belongs to their present state of being. 

Former presidents, speakers, representatives, senators and the rest could and should be respectfully addressed by their gender title and last name. The ties to their former office should be severed, especially financially. Before politicians voted themselves into full-time office with salary and perks, elected public servants were supposed to serve in office to administer the business of state and country and then go back home to make their living. 

We have a republic to keep. 

Mark T. Ryan

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