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Improving your quality of life now

Marcella Povis, owner of Natural Journey

For those with 2020 resolutions to pursue healthier lifestyles or consume more plant-based and sustainable products, Natural Journey can help guide the way. The store, which is managed by Marcella Povis, provides a wide array of products and plant-based alternatives to empower individuals to more mindful lifestyle opportunities.

With over 15 years of experience in the health and wellness sector as well as a degree in Exercise Science from Saint Louis University, Marcella hand picks the store’s selection of goods. Those offerings include essential oils, crystal beaded jewelry, plant-based soaps and bath products, CBD-infused chocolates and edibles, tinctures, topicals, assorted tea and coffee blends, blue light glasses for children, products to assist with EMF remediation and much more.

“There’s a little bit of everything, and for a good purpose,” Marcella said. “This is where people can come in if they’re searching or are on their personal journey. It’s a comfortable and safe space.”

Even the amethyst-colored walls, which Marcella personally infused with essential oils blends, help radiate positive energy through the space.

“I know every person, body, mind and spirit is different. We all are on different journeys at different places,” Marcella said. “Here you get to find what’s best for you now.”

In addition to serving as a Healer Certified cannabis and hemp CBD advisor and, according to Marcella, she is also the only person in this area providing the service of the physician certification. Natural Journey can also guide individuals through the process of applying for medical marijuana cards and personal cultivation credentials. Whether one’s goal is to switch to more sustainable products or learn about potential health benefits, Natural Journey is a one-stop-shop.

Visit Marcella today or go to www. naturaljourney.net to shop online!

15825 Manchester Road, Ste. 203 • Ellisville

(314) 800-4535


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