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Schools celebrate over 100 days of learning

Dalmatians visited Rockwood’s Uthoff Valley and Stanton elementary schools to help celebrate 101 days of learning. [Rockwood Partners in Education photo]

This January, schools and students across the West County region celebrated reaching the milestone of 100 days of school. 

Students at Riverbend Elementary also dressed like dalmatians and paraded through the halls to celebrate their 101-day anniversary. Kehrs Mill Elementary students paraded through the school with their 100-day crowns and donned personalized T-shirts. Schools across the district celebrated with hands-on activities that featured the number 100.

Students and staff, such as those at Kirk Day School, enjoyed dressing up as if they were 100 years old, complete with canes, walkers, wigs and glasses. 

In Parkway, Henry Elementary third-grade students celebrated by tackling a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle and looking through grocery ads to spend $100. At Ross Elementary, students decorated crowns and enjoyed channeling their inner 100-year self while celebrating with balloons and streamers. Claymont kindergarten students showed their knowledge by counting to 100.

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