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Eureka student’s artwork featured in Jefferson City

Student artist Quinn Thomas [Rockwood School District photo]

The artwork of Eureka High junior Quinn Thomas has been selected to be displayed in the 2020 Missouri Senate Art Exhibit at the State Capitol building.

“I was excited and shocked,” Thomas said. “It’s really nice to be recognized.” 

Art teacher Jessica Esfahani surprised Thomas with the news in front of Thomas’ mother, classmates and school administrators.

Thomas described her piece, which she created last school year in her Drawing 2 class. 

“It is a still life drawing that I created with colored pencils,” said Thomas. “The picture is a bunch of items from my kitchen. I decided to include the pouring of coffee, flowers and peaches.”

Thomas’ artwork will be featured at the State Capitol building. [Rockwood School District photo]

At the time, the class was learning about reflections and transparencies. The focus was on photorealism, in which an artist studies a photograph and then attempts to reproduce the image in another medium as realistically as possible.

Esfahani, who encourages her students to be active artists in the community, praised Thomas for her work ethic. 

“Quinn has artistic grit and works so hard – above and beyond on every project,” Esfahani said. “She’s so focused on her craft and continues to push herself to get better. She comes to me and says, ‘What can I do better?’ Being able to thrive on constructive criticism is what I appreciate most about her.”

Thomas added, “The key to quality artwork is caring and putting all of your passion into every piece.”

Senators view artwork from their district and select one image to represent them. The chosen images are printed and displayed in frames for the year to demonstrate legislator support for the arts. 

Thomas, along with other featured artists from across Missouri, will be recognized at an awards ceremony at the State Capitol building on March 16.

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