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Virtual Tour: Manchester Arts FOCUS 2020 Photography Exhibit

While the viewing hours for the physical Manchester Arts’ 2020 FOCUS Photography Competition and Exhibition’s display at the Manchester Parks, Recreation & Arts Building have been in flux due to social distancing mandates, that doesn’t mean the works still can’t be appreciated online.

FOCUS is an annual, open-theme exhibition and competition that is open to residents across the St. Louis County area. The guest judge was Scott Angus, a tenured associate professor and director in photography and video programs from Maryville University.

“It was a difficult process [to judge] because there were so many beautiful images of nature, animal, and some more abstract pieces,” Angus said.

This year, the Best of Show Award went to Julie Brown Patton for her work titled “Fight Like A Girl.” West Newsmagazine previously interviewed Patton about her work for an article that can be read here.

The Park Directors Choice Honorable Mention went to Joshua Hawkinson for his work “Now You See It.”

Other winners were broken up by age groups, with honorable mentions also awarded per category, as follows:

AGES 5-13

First place: Brienne Yu, “Painting with…Neon!” • Second place: Natalie Bolla, “Swamp Life” • Third place: Belle Landholt – “Light Meter” • Honorable Mentions: “Building a Colorful Road” by Alwin Yu, and “Grazing Beast” by Natalie Bolla

AGES 14-20

First place: Lilly Mulligan, “American Krestel” • Second place: Isabella R. Patakas, “Pollution” • Third place: Joseph Diemer, “Levitation” • Honorable Mentions: “An Evening in Paris” by Ansley Lewis, and “Droplet” by Josh Hawkinson

AGES 21-49

First place: Julia Willman, “Bubble Bath”

Second place: Karthik Ramamoorthy, “In the Dark” • Third place: Dave Nichols, “Eutierria” • Honorable Mentions: “Bon Appetit” by Evelina Yulianova, and “Forever Protector” by Michelle Williams

AGES 50-64

First place: George Koertel, “Night Race”

Second place: Jim Clark, “Quiet Snowy Morning” • Third place: Charlene Way, “Thank You for Your Service” • Honorable Mentions: “Snow Day in Fussen” by Joe Rakers

AGES 65-plus

First place: Beth Goyer, “Taos, NM With 2 Inches of Snow” • Second place: Allen Ahner, “Mysterious Pathway” • Third place: Bodhi Lee, “Crossing, Wasatch Foothills” • Honorable Mentions: “threatcon RED” by John Frey, “Yellow Orchid” by Bob Puskas, and “Norris Geyser Basin” by Allen Ahner

Tour the winners’ works from the virtual gallery below. All photos are courtesy of Rebecca Pate, a recreation and arts specialist with Manchester Arts.

“American Krestel” by Lilly Mulligan
“Yellow Orchid” by Bob Puskas
“threatcon RED” by John Frey
“Thank You For Your Service” by Charlene Way
“Taos, NM With 2 Inches of Snow” by Beth Goyer
“Swamp Life” by Natalie Bolla
“Snow Day in Fussen” by Joe Rakers
“Quiet Snowy Morning” by Jim Clark
“Pollution” by Isabella R. Patakas
“In The Dark” by Karthik Ramamoorthy
“Painting…With Neon!” by Brienne Yu
“Now You See It” by Joshua Hawkinson
“Norris Geyser Basin” by Allen Ahner
“Night Race” by George Koertel
“Mysterious Pathway” by Allen Ahmer
“Light Meter” by Belle Landholt
“Levitation” by Joseph Diemer
“Grazing Beast” by Natalie Bolla
“Forever Protector” by Michelle Williams
“Fight Like a Girl” by Julie Brown Patton
“Eutierria” by Dave Nichols
“Egg Shells” by Belle Landholt
“Droplet” by Joshua Hawkinson
“Crossing, Wasatch Foothills” by Bodhi Lee
“Building a Colorful Road” by Alwin Yu
“Bubble Bath” by Julia Willman
“Bon Appetit” by Evelina Yulianova
“An Evening in Paris” by Ansley Lewis

To view a video tour of the exhibition or for more information about other exhibits, visit Manchester Arts on Facebook.

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