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New pedestrian tunnel, other Hwy. 109 improvements see completion

The new pedestrian tunnel beneath Hwy. 109 in Wildwood. [Photo by Joe Garritano]

A new pedestrian tunnel allowing walkers, joggers, bicyclists, dog-walkers and families to cross safely under Hwy. 109 [Route 109] is the most recent component of the city’s ongoing Route 109 Improvement Project to see completion.

The tunnel is located between the two gas stations near the eastbound Hwy. 100 ramps and connects to the city’s existing Wildwood Greenway trail network. This connection will allow walks and bicyclists to travel safely from east to west or vice versa, accessing hiking and walking paths on both sides of Hwy. 109. While the tunnel has been completed, it remains closed while construction of other improvement project continue in thesame area.

The Route 109 Improvement Project is an ongoing collaboration between Wildwood and Missouri Department of Transportation [MoDOT] to help improve the overall traffic flow along the portion of Hwy. 109 between Hwy. 100 and Clayton Road.

Some of the project’s other updates include:

  • The widening of Hwy. 109 to four lanes [two in each direction].
  • Construction of a roundabout at the north intersection of Hwy. 109 with Hwy. 100.
  • Contstruction of a roundabout at the intersection of Hwy. 109 with Pond-Grover Loop Road.
  • The westward expansion of Pond-Grover Loop Road, which now serves as a vehicular access point to the city’s Community Park.

In addition to serving as the gateway for the walking path, the new tunnel also includes lighting for added safety.

Another recent project update was asphalt paving at the most-recently developed roundabout located at Hwy. 109 and Main Street Crossing. This update included pouring concrete for the sidewalk that runs parallel to the roadway and connects to the city’s greenway trail system and the recently finished pedestrian tunnel.

The city of Wildwood originally passed the ordinance executing a Cost Share Apportionment agreement by and between the city and the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission for Hwy. 109’s widening and roundabout installation in September 2018.

According to council member Joe Garritano [Ward 8], the Route 109 Improvements Project is on-schedule and slated for total completion by May 21.

“It’s going to look amazing,” Garritano said. “I love stuff like this because it’s an investment in our community.”

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