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Hotels, car dealership highlight new construction in Chesterfield Valley

Even though the city is still largely closed due to the coronavirus, major projects are still moving forward in Chesterfield.

At the May 11 virtual meeting, the Chesterfield Planning Commission recommended approval of an amended development plan for Fairfield Suites located near the intersection of Conway Road and Chesterfield Parkway East.

The existing three-story hotel located on the 2.84-acre site will be converted to a Fairfield Inn with 92 rooms and a new, four-story Springhill Suites with 88 rooms will be constructed adjacent to that for a total of 180 hotel rooms.

Fairfield Inn and Springhill Suites

Environs architect Michael Sapp said the combination of the two hotels is an “integration of dual brands of Marriott hotel properties” designed to create a singular experience.

Chesterfield Village Lodging, LLC, submitted the request for the 54,780-square-foot, four-story hotel with a parking structure beneath the hotel addition, amended elevations to the existing hotel building and a redesigned parking area within the development. An existing vacant restaurant building would be demolished.

Materials for the addition will include brick to match that used on the existing hotel, several shades of neutral-colored exterior finish, glass and composite wood elements, along with fiber cement accents to accentuate a transition zone between the two conjoined buildings, said Chris Dietz, city planner.

The amended site development plan, along with landscaping, lighting and architectural elevations was approved 9-0 by the commission.

A site development plan also was approved for a 8.728-acre site located north of Chesterfield Airport Road and east of Long Road for Jaguar Land Rover.

The 31,000-square foot automobile dealership will feature a retail showroom, sales office and vehicle service facilities. The site is zoned “PC” Planned Commercial District.

Jaguar Land Rover dealership

The exterior building materials will be comprised of aluminum composite panels, aluminum building panels, precast concrete panels and butt-glazed glass, Annisa Kumerow, city planner, said.

The site will be served by two access points on Arnage Boulevard and cross access easements will extend to neighboring properties.

Since the TSG Chesterfield Airport Road subdivision removed approximately 50,000 square feet of tree canopy from the site, 112 mitigation plantings were proposed for the development, as required by city code.

Additionally, the proposal included four trees, 52 shrubs and pollinator beds along approximately 500 feet of frontage. However, because the dealership faces Interstate 64, the commission sought additional landscaping.

Consulting engineer George Stock, of Stock & Associates, said that area was “heavily landscaped in proportion to other developments in the valley,” but he offered to take six of the proposed shade trees and redistribute them to the north property line for a total of 10. An amendment made to this effect was approved by the commission.

Jordan Aron, of Green Bay Properties, LLC, said the glass showroom would create the drama of seeing into the building and provide a clear view from the highway.

A record plat was also approved for the entire 13-acre tract that includes the dealership on one lot, along with four other lots for future development.

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