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On the Ballot: Candidates and Propositions

In anticipation of the April 7 [now June 2] municipal election, West County candidates, in contested races only, were invited to answer the following questions:

1. What are your priorities if elected? 

2. What are your qualifications for holding public office?

West Newsmagazine has not verified and does not endorse the statements made by the candidates. Candidates in all races are listed in ballot order; incumbents are identified with an asterisk after their name.

Additionally, for government agencies with propositions on the ballot, the exact ballot language is shown in this article.

Polling places and special precautions: Many polling places have changed to allow for improved social distancing. St. Louis County has sent voting directions by mail; however, if you are in doubt of where to vote and what precautions are being taken, visit stlouisco.com to learn what you need to know before June2.


  • Ward 1: Michael Finley*
  • Ward 2: Kevin Roach*
  • Ward 3: Frank Fleming*
  • Ward 4: Raymond Kerlagon*


  • Ward 1: Mary Monachella*

1. Neighborhoods are my first priority. I will work to keep Olive/Clarkson from becoming another Manchester Road. I support quality development, with sufficient parking, for the mall and the new downtown areas, that will provide green space, avoid cluttered signage and complement our Central Park, amphitheater and lake. I oppose plans [such as Better Together] that adversely affect our city or its citizens. I oppose a Chesterfield residential real estate tax.

2. I currently serve on City Council committees: Public Health And Safety [chair], Planning and Public Works, and the Police Personnel Board Liaison. My experience includes Planning Commissioner 2017-2019, Parks, Recreation and Arts Citizen Advisory Committee member 2016-2019, and president of the Village of Green Trails Association since 2017. I am a retired mathematics professor and former department chair at St. Louis Community College at Meramec.

  • Ward 1: Barron Rutledge

1. Fiscal responsibility will be my No. 1 priority for the city of Chesterfield. I will focus on ensuring that Chesterfield is well suited to meet the demands of the future, encouraging more research on new developments and technologies as it concerns all aspects of the city and especially the expansion of green spaces. Simultaneously, I will see to it that Chesterfield is not only a great place to live but also to work. 

2. If politics is for the people, then no profession is more qualified than social work. As a social worker, I have worked with children and adults in various settings, served and was employed with Big Brothers Big Sisters, worked with AmeriCorp Vista, and currently I work with people who have chronic illness. I have a Master of Science in social work, with a focus on public policy from the University of Tennessee.

  • Ward 2: Mary Ann Mastorakos*

1. As a council member, I have and will continue to put the interests of our residents and the integrity of our neighborhoods first. I am a voice to preserve and protect green space. I will ensure that the city has an active role in the redevelopment of Chesterfield Mall and it once again becomes a community asset. I will advocate for responsible government that ensures our taxes are used wisely for police protection, public works and parks.

2. I currently serve as a council member for Chesterfield. I chair Planning and Public Works and am council liaison to the Planning Commission. I am a member of the Parks, Recreation and Arts Committee of council and serve as liaison to the citizens Parks, Recreation and Arts advisory committee. I have always and will continue to be accessible to residents, ensure that apartments stay out of our neighborhoods and pledge to serve with integrity, honesty and transparency.

  • Ward 2: Ted Read

1. My priorities are public safety, putting residents first, and limiting/reducing taxes. If elected, I will stay engaged with residents through town halls, social media and other outreach.

2. I believe my best skill set includes diplomacy and staying focused on the task without letting disagreement impede progress. I am very experienced with successfully managing large budgets. I have served as a trustee [now treasurer] of my homeowner’s association for five years. I have volunteered on countless school, church and community projects and activities. Chesterfield is a special place and my single motivation to run for office is to keep it special.

  • Ward 3: Michael Moore*
  • Ward 4: Tom DeCampi*


  • Ward 1: Sue McNamara*
  • Ward 2: Julie Blanner
  • Ward 3: Lin Midyett*


  • Ward 1: Heather P. Silverman*
  • Ward 2: Nicole Greer
  • Ward 3: Robert Hoffman*
  • Ward 4: Dan Tierney


  • Mayor: Mark J. Becker*
  • Ward 1: John E. Pound*
  • Ward 2: Dean Fitzpatrick*
  • Ward 3: Patrick Barrett*


  • Ward 1: Jerry Diekmann

Candidate did not respond by press time. 

  • Ward 1: Brian Smith

Candidate did not respond by press time. 

Ward 2: Bryan Kiefer*

1. My priorities if elected are continued improvement in water management and waterway maintenance, infrastructure, filling vacant storefronts and working to finish Prop E goals.

2. My qualifications include being a current alderman 11 years on Planning and Zoning in Eureka; hard work and dedication.

  • Ward 2: Kevin Kilpatrick

1. My top priority is to limit floodplain development. Despite devastating floods in recent years we continue to make the same mistakes and have not tightened regulations which would help prevent making flooding even worse during major Meramec River flooding, in fact we have even weakened floodplain law in the region by annexing portions of Jefferson County that had stronger laws in place. At the least, we should honor stronger floodplain laws or not annex at all.

2. I have remained active in the community over the last 33 years, often presenting at local meetings when important issues arise. I do my homework and believe I can communicate well, I also listen well. My wish is to encourage more public participation in all Eureka matters by improving the quality of our livestreams. I would also like to livestream the Planning and Zoning meetings. 

  • Ward 3: Jerry Holloway*

1. I want to continue the push to bring quality water to the Eureka Community. That is my first priority. I also want to redirect the flood water away from all the businesses and residents in the areas that are always affected by heavy rain and water runoffs.

2. My qualifications include serving on the Planning and Zoning board. This also will be my second term as alderman in Eureka’s Ward 3. I think the residents in my ward are familiar with me and how I respond to their issues in a timely manner.

  • Ward 3: Brian Johnson

Candidate did not respond by press time.


  • Mayor: Mike Clement*
  • Ward 1: Nelson Nolte*
  • Ward 2: Marilyn Ottenad*
  • Ward 3: Benjamin Toben*

PROPOSITION S: Shall the City increase the current maximum charge of twenty-eight dollars to a maximum charge not to exceed fifty dollars to be assessed annually on residential property for each lateral sewer service line serving six or less dwelling units on that property and condominiums that have six or less condominium units per building and any condominium responsible for its own individual lateral sewer line to provide funds to pay the cost of certain repairs of those lateral sewer lines which may be billed quarterly or annually.  

YES or NO [A simple majority is required for passage]


  • Ward 1: Barbara Ann Hughes
  • Ward 2: Fred “Fritz” Wiesehan
  • Ward 3: Jeff Wittmaier
  • Ward 4: Sue Allen*


Aldermen at Large [Two open seats]:

  • April Milne
  • Tim C. Stoeckl


  • Mayor: Jim Bowlin*

1. My priorities are to limit residential development to what our residents want, solve some of our longstanding issues such as improving high-speed rural internet service and resolving drainage issues at Lake Chesterfield, as well as addressing erosion occurring around our creeks and streams. These come from listening to more than 1,500 residents as I’ve walked door-to-door in all eight wards for re-election over the past five months.

2. I am qualified by my leadership record as mayor, which includes the proven ability to get things done for our residents such as live streaming of all our public meetings, new resident outreach programs, synchronization of our seven zip codes, accelerated public improvements, drastically reducing the rezoning of land for condensed residential development, and following voter-approved term limits for all appointments.

  • Mayor: Niles Stephens

1. My priorities are strict adherence to the zoning rules because residents don’t want to be surprised by zoning allowances that affect their property values, commute times or quality of life. Conservative stewardship of residents’ tax dollars because our budget is our biggest responsibility. A first-class green space in the Town Center as a permanent home for concerts and community events because residents want a place to relax and unwind and it will help support our local businesses.

2. My commitment and dedication to serving others make me the best choice to serve as mayor for the next four years. Municipal government is in the business of serving its constituents, and I will focus on putting residents’ interests first. I am committed to giving residents timely responses, providing comprehensive information and following up on resident requests. My leadership style is all about adding value to other people in order to gain influence.

  • Ward 1: Teresa D. Clark
  • Ward 2: Don Bartoni*
  • Ward 3: Tracey Nyhan
  • Ward 4: Joe Farmer*
  • Ward 5: Ed Marshall

1. My priority is to promote efficient local government and represent the needs of Ward 5 as they relate to the city’s progress. Our challenge is to balance the needs of a growing city, both residential and commercial, without doing damage to the environment. I will devote time and energy to make Wildwood a great place to live and raise families. I will listen to residents and represent their interests without any hidden agenda or preconceived notions.

2. My previous years of service have provided me the experience to represent the interest and needs of the residents  in Ward 5. I have served on all the City Council standing committees and as the council representative to the Planning and Zoning Commission multiple times. Following my term on council, I served as committee chair for the City Charter Review Commission. 

  • Ward 5: Debra Smith McCutchen*

1. My priorities are continuing to listen to, advocate for and serve residents based on citizen input; mitigating Caulks Creek erosion; preserving the natural environment; working against high density development; maintaining integrity and governmental transparency; being a good steward of citizen’s tax dollars; being responsive to citizen’s needs; increasing citizen participation in government and upholding Wildwood’s vision and mission of being a government of, by and for the people.

2. I have kept the promises made when elected in 2012 by working with residents to make a neighborhood park a reality and addressing erosion concerns. I have effectively represented residents by obtaining their input on city issues with a proven track record of getting things done for residents.  During my tenure, I have served on 13 committees and as mayor pro tempore. I have been a Wildwood resident for 24 years.

  • Ward 6: Rob Rambaud
  • Ward 7: Dan Flaschar
  • Ward 8: Michael Gillani


  • Ward 1: Carol J. Kraft*

1. My priorities are to maintain open communications to better serve the residents of the city; encourage community involvement in city functions and activities to make Winchester the best place to live; keep the neighborhood safe by working closely with the police, code enforcement, the maintenance department and the Safety Committee to address any issues or concerns.

2. My qualifications include serving on the Winchester Park Board June 1999 through September 2008; elected as Ward 1 alderman April 2012-April 2016; served on the Planning and Zoning Board from March 2017-April 2018, re-elected as Ward 1 alderman April 2018-present. Completed Emergency Management Institute courses for National Incident Management System and Incident Command System April 2012.

  • Ward 1: Danielle Luebbert

Candidate did not respond by press time.

  • Ward 2: Michael Schmidt*


  • Subdistrict 4: Mary E. Luebke

1. My top priorities are to put students first; to be an active listener for students, staff and the community; and to enhance and improve students experiences at St. Louis Community College through learning and resources.

2. My qualifications for holding public office include serving on the Missouri Board of Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing for eight years, an appointed position in which I was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the governor of Missouri.

  • Subdistrict 4: Patrick J. McKelvey

My top three priorities for this position are aimed at expanding opportunity and affordability for St. Louis residents. I will expand dual credit opportunities so high school seniors can earn 30 transferable credit hours for under $2,000 prior to graduating. I will optimize STLCC’s career and technical certificate and degree programs so they can meet St. Louis’ nine local Fortune 500 companies and top ranked health care facilities’ employment needs. I will ensure fiscal responsibility.

2. I have spent my entire young career in higher education. Every day, I work diligently to ensure all students with whom I interact are making the most of their college experience. I look forward to the opportunity to do the same for every St. Louis Community College student if I am elected to serve in this position.


Proposition F: Shall the Monarch Fire Protection District of St. Louis County, Missouri issue its general obligation bonds in the amount of Fourteen Million Nine Hundred Thousand Dollars [$14.9 million] for the purpose of purchasing property and constructing, furnishing and equipping fire stations thereon to save lives and property, renovating, improving, furnishing and equipping existing facilities, acquiring and equipping new and replacement fire fighting vehicles, life-saving ambulances, apparatus and auxiliary equipment to meet current safety standards, and refinancing outstanding lease obligations?

YES or NO [A four-seventh majority is required.]


Proposition Y: To comply with federal and state clean water requirements, shall the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District [MSD] issue its sewer revenue bonds in the amount of Five Hundred Million Dollars [$500,000,000] for the purpose of designing, constructing, improving, renovating, repairing, replacing and equipping new and existing MSD sewer and drainage facilities and systems, including sewage treatment and disposal plants, sanitary sewers, and acquisition of easements and real property related thereto, the cost of operation and maintenance of said facilities and systems and the principal of and interest on said revenue bonds to be payable solely from the revenues derived by MSD from the operation of its wastewater sewer system, including all future extensions and improvements thereto? 

YES or NO [A simple majority is required.]

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