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Letter to the Editor: Responding to ‘Regarding the human condition’

I recently read a letter to the editor by Steve Bowman [“Regarding the human condition,” May 6]. Like Mr. Bowman, I too am a history buff and in this time of mandated shut-downs, I long for the day when I can again enjoy the shared human experience of listening to lectures of historians.

While recently waiting in line to enter a socially distant greenhouse on Barrett Station Road, I looked through my glasses [fogged by my protective mask] and noticed a century-old home that was a clearly once a vacation home. I recalled a historian’s past lecture saying that Kirkwood became the first “commuter town” west of the Mississippi when St. Louisans fled cholera and influenza epidemics. I thought how lucky I am to live in a time with such amazing doctors and scientists, except for the scientists at the Virology Lab in Wuhan, China.

Mr. Bowman, referring to an “American and scientific revolution” in his letter, declared: “No longer were we going to allow passion, religion and royalty rule us” and praised the need for science and government amid the present day pandemic.

It was the religious passion of Samaritan’s Purse that promptly set up a field hospital in Central Park to treat the overflow of COVID-19 patients in New York City, but patients were not being sent there or to the hospital at the Javits Center. Why? The State of New York issued a mandate that put political correctness over science and even common sense, forcing nursing homes to accept recovering COVID-19 patients, even if they were not equipped to handle them. The COVID-19 virus spread throughout those nursing homes, infecting and killing many high-risk, sick and elderly patients, whom the “scientific experts” told us to protect. Perhaps the greatest need in this time of pandemic, is common sense.

Lynn Link

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