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Training dogs and educating canine parents

 According to professional dog trainer Dave Silistria, the key to successful canine obedience training is not just teaching a dog commands, but also teaching a dog’s owner how to work with the dog and incorporate discipline long into the future. 

After six years of working as a certified dog trainer with local pet training business Casey Ray’s STL Dog Trainers, Dave is opening Dave’s STL K-9 Dog Trainers, a brand-new dog training institution located off Clayton Road in Ballwin. 

Dave’s STL K-9 Dog Trainers makes the dog training experience more personal by working individually with each pet’s owner on the successful reinforcement of good behaviors into the future. 

“We train the owners to train their dog,” Dave said.

To accomplish this, they provide a wide array of training options that suit any pet’s existing experience or behavioral patterns. These include basic obedience, advanced obedience training, puppy school and day training in addition to more unique offerings like agility training, rally obedience and even treadmill training. 

Their unique mixed training approach blends positive reinforcement with multiple phases of learning, including an emphasis on grasping commands and correcting any potential negative behaviors along the way, if needed. 

“Each dog is a little bit different, so we try to take it step by step,” Dave said.

Dave is also an American Kennel Club Evaluator and offer classes for the Canine Good Citizen program. He can also evaluate potential therapy dogs and prepare them for training.

For those who are unsure where to start, Dave offers free evaluations for each pet to determine what training package will work best. For more information, contact Dave today at (636) 223-4130.

 15455 Clayton Road • Ballwin

(636) 223-4130


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