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Join a team, not a gym

Whether you want to lose some weight, build up your muscle mass and shape up for your next outdoor sports match with friends or family, the experts at D1 Training can help to achieve and surpass your fitness goals.

D1 Training is more than a gym. It’s an athletic-based training facility with a wide array of programs and training regiments where expert coaches guide users of all ages (starting at 7 years old) and ability levels through a scientifically backed training programs. Individuals may work with an instructor, utilize specific machines, or break a sweat training on the St. Louis locations  12,000 square feet of turf.

“We can work with someone if they’re 7 or if they’re 70,” Mark Cohen, franchise owner, said.

Their individualized approach, specialized programs and science-backed routines give the individual all the tools they need to crush their goals.

For adults, D1’s training programs include options to meet each individual’s fitness goals.

Adult Boot Camp is a total body, high-performance metabolic cardio workout, and their Strength Training programs help individuals build lean muscle mass. The expert led coaching ensures that proper techniques are learned and utilized.

Their Scholastics Training Program for student-athletes consists of four programs that offer the foundation for speed, strength, and athleticism.

One commonality that ties all of D1’s programs together is its 5-Star Training Program, which was built using the tried and true training habits of elite college and professional athletes. Each D1 workout follows the 5-Star Training Format with dynamic warm-up, strength, core and conditioning, performance and cool-down stretching.

This creates a comprehensive training routine that not only helps individuals see results, it also helps them get there safely. 

Join the D1 Training team today by visiting d1training.com to learn more!

14015 Manchester Road • Ballwin

(636) 244-6345


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