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Designed for student living

In the long list of things to worry about when starting a new semester of school, your living situation should not be one of them. Enter Suburban Heights Apartments, a newer college living experience located just down the street from the University of Missouri-St. Louis campus. The entire complex was recently repurposed for use by college students, and as a result, a concession rent rate is offered to all four-year university students, as opposed to traditional market rate pricing. Students can choose between one-, two- and three-bedroom options to experience alone or share with roommates. Suburban Heights rents by the unit, not by the bedroom, making it a unique student housing project. Each apartment includes a kitchen space with appliances that are not staples in college dorm rooms, like a dishwasher and a two-in-one washer and dryer, meaning students won’t ever have to worry about doing laundry off-site. Each unit is completely cable ready and designed for all your media and technology needs. Suburban Heights is completely gated with key fob access. A dedicated parking lot is also provided on-site, meaning students will not have to worry about finding a spot or parking on the street. Walkways and hallways are lit 24-7 with more than ample lighting, no matter what time students need to be out and about for work or school. It is designed for students to come and go at all times of the day. 

If any maintenance concerns should arise, tenants can submit work orders online. On-site leasing, management and maintenance offices assure help is always nearby when residents have questions or concerns. 

Call today or submit a rental application online at suburbanheightsapartments. com. For questions, email them at 

suburbanheightsonline@gmail.com or visit them on Facebook @Suburban Heights Apartments near UMSL. 

 *Suburban Heights is an independent, for-profit Missouri corporation not affiliated with any particular college or university.

 5500 Mable Ave. • St. Louis 

(314) 546-4034 


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