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A solution for homes in bad condition

Selzle and Associates has provided solutions for owners of homes in bad condition for over 28 years.  

Many times, homeowners have “let their homes go”, have inherited a property, or are in charge of selling an estate which includes a home not updated and taken care of. 

Kurt Selzle of Selzle and Associates, has developed a unique service which allows the sale of these homes without the seller updating, making repairs or cleaning the home. So many times, these activities are expensive, overwhelming, extremely time consuming and don’t provide the return on investment that the sellers desire.  

Selzle and Associates has built a solid reputation as one of the area’s most respected buyers of these homes.  

The company is the “go to” company for many professional real estate agents, attorneys, and direct sellers of these homes.  

Kurt is experienced in working with a variety of sellers, their situations, and knows how to get the home closed, and get the seller their financial proceeds!  

As a seller, there is no need to make repairs, update, clean, complete inspections, have many people walk through the home and endure the many activities associated with the traditional selling of a home. Additionally, as a buyer paying cash, the seller doesn’t worry about lenders, appraisals, the buyer obtaining the loan, delays, and the myriad of activities on the financial side.  Kurt pays cash and will close many times within a week. For those looking for a solution to sell their home in bad condition and desiring to simplify their life, Selzle and Associates is just a contact away.  

Let Kurt help you simplify your life!

St. Louis



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