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Effective tutoring – in office or online!

Since 1991, Simply Math & Reading has provided effective tutoring to area students in their West County office. Recently, they also announced that they are now adding online instruction to their list of educational offerings!

Their online sessions are conducted through a program that allows the student and tutor not only to see and hear each other, but also to see the work page and what each is writing. The program is very interactive.

Whether sessions are online or in person, students are assigned to a tutor. Sessions are supervised by their experienced directors, Katherine and Leslie, so there are always at least two professionals involved in planning each session.

They can test students to determine the best program for them and the optimal starting point. From there, they use a variety of techniques to help each student succeed. All of their tutoring sessions are highly individualized, tailored to meet each student’s learning style and specific goals.

Their programs support school work, standardized test preparation or an individualized program. Math instruction spans from pre-K through calculus. Reading and language arts programs progress from teaching young students how to read through college level essay writing. 

They offer private and semi-private sessions as well as their Math Masters group program that focuses on computation and critical thinking skills. They’ve also added Introduction to Coding programs.

Simply Math & Reading is still owned by the founder Beth McGovern, who continues to be proud of the success of her students and the incredible dedication of her staff. In these changing times, you can count on the stability of Simply Math & Reading for your child’s educational needs!

463 Lafayette Center • Manchester

(636) 256-0022


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