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‘I had to lose my sight to find my vision’

One year ago, West County resident Langford Cunningham lost his vision to glaucoma after 31 surgeries. With his life and perspective changed, Langford received a vision urging him to use his knowledge from working in St. Louis Juvenile Detention for 15 years and bearing personal witness to the impacts of racism, crime and poverty, to shine light on these issues plaguing the St. Louis area, including West County.

With that, Langford launched Blind City The Podcast.

Blind City is an audio show hosted by Langford where he and guest speakers discuss a wide array of topics that raise awareness about social issues and cultural illnesses plaguing the local community. The topics Langford tackles are wide and diverse but revolve around the difficulties faced by real St. Louis citizens. In one episode, Langford speaks with individuals who help girls escape from sex trafficking while also recounting the violence experienced by the victims and survivors. In another, a 22-year-old African American male recounts his experiences of being trapped in a hail of gunfire amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. In another episode, which features video footage, Langford discusses the topic of online bullying and suicide live from a cemetery.

“Where we are now, it’s not good,” Langford said. “We’re numb.”

Through raising awareness and discussing these issues, according to Langford, he hopes to build bridges of hope and provide a network of resources to those who want to reach out and help others.

“My goal is to bring light to the darkness,” Langford said. “We need to talk about these issues. We can’t write them off, and we can’t run from them.”

To subscribe to episodes and receive notifications, visit Blind City The Podcast on YouTube, or visit blindcitythepodcast.com.

“I want to make sure people don’t lose sight of their vision,” Langford said.

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